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About Us


Meet Dee Moore

Creator: Fashionable And Thick(tm)
Founder: Fashionable And Thick Foundation
Author: Life Support For The Curvy Female
Producer: Glamour, Glitz & Curves


    My Mission is to create an apparel brand that allows one to express themself  through fashions that exude class, grace and style. Located in Houston, Texas , The Dorcas Collection offers customers a place to find unique and timeless fashion pieces.

 In 2018 The Dorcas Collection was also featured on the runway of  FFFWEEK (Full Figured Fashion Week), for their Silver Fox Segment and again in 2021 for a full Silver Fox production showcase.

        We sell quality merchandise to customers across the map.  The Dorcas Collection  has something for everyone to buy and love.

"The Dorcas Collection" was established in 2016 to showcase in the "Glamour Glitz & Curves" Fashion Showcase with the purpose of showing that the larger female can wear latest in fashion or have attire customized to fit their personal style and not the way society dictates the plus size female should dress. Curated by Dee Moore and inspired by a combination of high fashion, new street trends, and custom creations The Dorcas Collection By Dee Moore has a large selection of retail items at a fair price to elevate your style. Every person is unique, every person's style is unique, and every person's lifestyle is unique. What works for one person may not work for another. Pieces that look great on one person may not look great on another.  Let's discover YOUR personal style together and then elevate it. You'll love how you look and feel!

~Dee Moore

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